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5 Cool Cooking Apps for the iPhone.

February 7, 2010

Pocket Cocktails.


Pocket Cocktails is an entire resource of alcoholic drinks from beers, to wines, and even specialty drinks such as, margaritas, martinis, and more. This application includes a picture of the drink, a brief description, and for cocktails and mixed drinks, the ingredients to make the drink.

Price: $0.99





Tastebud presents a cool new concept that  finds recipes  based on ingredients you already have in your kitchen and matches them against a database of thousands of recipes to build a list of tasty dishes that you can cook.

Think of it as an upside-down recipe book!

Price: $0.99





The Locavore iPhone app will come in handy next time you’re at the market and want to know what’s actually being grown near you, and what is most likely to taste the best right now.

Price: $2.99




The Epicurious app  for the iPhone and iPod touch helps you get food and drink recommendations on the go from more than 30,000 listed recipes. You can also create shopping lists, check off items as you shop, and even e-mail lists to friends.

Price: $0.00



Grocery IQ.

The Grocery IQ app helps you to create lists for different grocery stores, adding product quantity, package size, price and you can also take a picture of a barcode with your iPhone camera to add an item to your list.

Price: $0.99


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