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“Outsourcing Fast Food Drive-Thru Orders”

July 20, 2009

“May I Take Your Order”

This is not a joke anymore. Although fast-food restaurants aren’t outsourcing as far as India, they are outsourcing their drive-thru orders across the United States. Employees sitting in air-conditioned cubicles at call centers such as “Exit 41″ and “Bronco Communications” are replacing the ones sitting on a stool next to that boiling fry-cooker. McDonald’s pioneered this idea in 2005 in an attempt to raise the quality of customer service by decreasing errors, and in order to cut down on costs. The idea was that people in a more comfortable environment, with trained communication and order-taking skills, will work with more efficiency, accuracy, and politeness. Although the trend didn’t catch on like wildfire, it has proved to cut costs and decrease errors, which lead Wendy’s to attempt a similar model in some of their locations. This is one outsourced job that won’t take jobs away from Americans, just increase the probability that when you say you want it super-sized, you dont end up with small fries.

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